Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cake Topper - Rose Flower from Fondant

      Making a beautiful rose to put on top of your favorite cake is not as difficult as you may think. With simple tools that you can find around your kitchen, you can create it with no hustle at all. That's exactly what I do since I don't have many fancy cake tools. They can be a bit pricey sometimes. So here I'm sharing you my simple way to make rose flower cake topper from fondant or gum paste. 

Tools you might need :

  • Sharp kitchen knife.
  • Plastic file folder. The one you usually use to save your files/documents. I use a zip-lock since I couldn't find any plastic folder in the drawer. Cut the edges leaving one edge left.
  • Small tip brush and a bit of water as glue if needed.

Steps :
1. Make 1 big ball of fondant of any colour you like and a few of small balls for the petals.

2. Take the big ball. Roll the bottom part of it using your palms forming it into a cone. 

3. Put it on the mat with the pointy part upward pressing the fat part on the bottom. Flatten it as the base of the flower. 

4. Using your pointers press the area between the cone and the bottom. Give it a slight press and roll it gently.

5. This is the result you want to get. The cone will be the pistil of the flower. Set it aside.

6. Put 3 of the smalls into the plastic folder. Cover them.

7. Using the back of your palm press each of the balls. 

8. Flatten the balls one by one leaving the back part a big thicker than the front. You might want to flat the front part pretty thin to make the petals looks more real.

9. Once you got the desired size of each ball. Take one of it and wrap it around the pistil cone you made before. Press the bottom part to the gap between the bottom and the cone to stick it together. Fresh fondant is still easy to paste. If your fondant has dried out a bit use the brush and a tip of water to glue them together. 

10. Continue doing it to the other flattened balls. 

11. You can add up as many petals as you want depending on how big you want your rose to be.

12. Once you get the desired flower, give a little press at the bottom of the flower to stick the petals together and cut it using a knife. 

13. Make little frill on the edge of the petals to give real effect of the rose. You can use your fingers to do it or the knife, but be very careful not to leave any scratching mark on the petals when you're using the knife.

14. There you have a pretty rose flower to use as a topper on your cake or cupcakes.

Good luck! 

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