Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sweet Sour Fish Pasta

      Finding idea for dinner has always been a challenge. I try not to be monotonous by serving Indonesian or western dishes too often for my husband. Today I came up with a brilliant idea of combining two of our favorite dishes. It's a sweet sour sauce fish served with pasta. A simple fusion of Thai/Chinese/Indonesian (I honestly do not know to which country this dish originally belongs to) with an Italian dish. Back home this meal is usually served with cooked rice, but not tonight, there will be pasta going along with it. Let's see how it will become. 

For 2 person meal, you might need:

1/2 red pepper, diced
2   small red chilly pepper
1   onion
3   tomatoes, diced
1   garlic, minced
1cm ginger, grated
3tbsp tomato puree
300 gr fish fillet, diced
Rigatoni pasta
black pepper
olive oil

Steps :
1. As starter, you might want to boil some water for your pasta. Cooking the pasta will take around 8-15 minutes depending on the type of pasta you use. This time I'm using the rigatoni pasta and it takes 14 minutes to cook.

2. Heat up the pan with some olive oil.

3. Saute the onion, chilly and garlic together until the fragrant comes out.

4. To add a little bit of the asian taste I add in a little bit of ginger. Add it in.

5. Add in the red pepper.

6. Then the diced tomatoes.

7. Let them cook for a while. 

8. Meanwhile you might want to start cooking your pasta. Don't forget to add in a bit of oil and salt into the water.

9. Back to the sauce, add in the fish.

10. Spice it with salt, pepper and sugar. Yeah, I put sugar in this dish to add up the sweet flavour in the sauce. Not too much, 1 or 2 pinch(es) would be enough. You don't want to turn your dish into jam. :)

11. Put the lid of the pan and let it cook for a while.

12. After 2-3 minutes add in the tomato pure. You can add more to it until you get the consistency you want of the sauce. 

13. Let it simmer.

14. Check out your pasta and when it's done, drain it and pour it into the sauce.

15. Mix the pasta and sauce together under low heat. 

16. Serve.

Have fun trying this recipe and let me know how you think about it. ;-)

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