Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Baby Face Cupcake Topper Tutorial 

Now that the carrot cupcakes are done and cooled, it's time to give them a little touch up to make them more interesting. Since these cupcakes are meant for 2 years-old boys birthday, I'm thinking of making some cute baby face from fondant. At first I had this idea to make a small baby figurine to be put on top of the cupcake, but when I came to think of it again, wouldn't it be weird to eat a little baby? Even when it's only sugar paste figurine? So, I decided just to cover them with some cute faces. 

Let's see the steps of making this cute cupcake.....

1. First, cover the cupcake with your icing or buttercream. This time I am using cheese-cream butter-cream.. hhmm..redundancy. :-) Cheese butter cream. Sounds better. 

2. Then, using your rolling pin roll out the skin colour fondant. Since I could not find any skin colour fondant at the store, I mixed orange fondant with white and knead them together until I get the desired skin colour. Oh yeah, you might notice that I use my wooden rolling pin. Yep, I still don't have the fancy fondant rolling pin. It's a bit pricey for me, so I just use what I can find around the house. You can do the same. You can use empty bottle, glass or anything else you can find around the kitchen to substitute a rolling pin. Don't forget to powder it with a bit of flour so that the fondant won't stick to it. 

3. Cut the flatten fondant round. I use my round cookie cutter, but again you can use any round stuff around the kitchen. Be creative. Just make sure that the size is suited to cover your cupcake. 

4. Place the round fondant on top of your cupcake. Give a light touch to smoothen it. Try not to press it too much otherwise you might leave your fingerprints all around the fondant. 

5. After you're done covering the cupcake with fondant, set it aside. The next thing you want to do is preparing the baby hat to cover half of the fondant. This time I'm experimenting with some marbled effect. For that you might want to prepare 3 balls of different colours fondant. 
PS: Please note that I only use the fondants below for picture purpose only. That's why they are a bit small. If you intend to cover around 12 cupcakes, you might want to make bigger size of balls. 

6. Using both hands roll the fondants into sausage shape and lay them adjacent to one another.

7. Twist them together making one big sausage with colours overlapping one another. 

8. Do it several times until the colours blend to each other. 

9. Roll it again. And you might end up with this kind of colour.

10. This is how the other side would look like. You can choose the side you want to have. I choose this one.

10. Using the same round cutter you use for the cupcake cover, cut it round again.

11. With a knife, slice them into halves. 

12. Place one half on top of the cupcake. It will serve as the hat of the baby face. With a little brush, use a little of water to glue the pieces together. Fresh fondant usually is still easy to stick, but fondant gets hard very quick and you might want to use a bit of water as glue. 

13. You might also want to add up a little detail to the hat. It's all up to your creativity. I just poke little dots around the edge and make some stripes using a knife. Try not to cut it too deep. You just want to add some details and not cut it apart.

14. Here is how it looks like in the end.

15. Using the rest of the fondant, I cut a small stripe to add up a little detail at the bottom of the hat. 

16. Make a small tiny ball for the tip of the hat. Again, it's up to your creativity. You can also add a bow or anything you like. 

17. Now, let's do the face detail. Make 2 small holes to indicate where you want to put the eyes. Another small tiny ball for the nose and two small balls for the ears. 

18.  For the pacifier, flatten a small ball and add a tiny ball in the middle. Place it where the mouth should be. 

19. You can also carve a little smile instead of a pacifier. 

There it goes.... 
It's very easy right. You don't need any fancy tools to make this cute cupcakes. Go give it a try and share this sweet treats to people you love. They will love it. 

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